Did A’Jiao Enter The Reincarnation Cycle Today? 阿娇今天投胎了吗 by 怀愫 Huai Su (HE)

A’Jiao had been a ghost in Fengdu for many, many years,
Bearing witness to her numerous acquaintances arriving and leaving
Only her; she’s the only one who’s always left behind, unable to enter the reincarnation cycle, and unable to experience rebirth
One day, Meng Po revealed the critical key to A’Jiao: Her inability to reincarnate, was due to her possession of a long-cherished wish which has yet to be fulfilled.
Sudden realization dawned on A’Jiao. Liu Che – that brat – he still owed her a golden house!
Build me my golden house, I want to reincarnate! 

A’Jiao originally approached Xiang Yun Du with the sole intention of extracting her golden house from him.
And yet somehow, through the extraction process, she inadvertently offered herself up in the process?
This is a story that chronicles the reincarnation journey of Chen A’Jiao, the constant fixture in the Underworld.



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