Don’t Think About Interrupting My Study (Don’t Disturb My Study) 别想打扰我学习 by 月流光 Yue Liu Guang

Nan Xiangwan, a top-notch university graduate, suffered from “academic discrimination” and uses her academic qualifications as the criteria for recruiting talents as an HR personnel. After finishing her work at the job fair, Nan Xiangwan unexpectedly returned to the second grade in high school.

However, her fate seemed to have changed. There’s no one on Rocket Class in this class. She eventually had to enter the disciplinary class and learn together with a group of scumbag students.

In the disciplinary class, Nan Xiangwan, who just wanted to study hard, was forced to join a protest against the increasing cafeteria’s price with her classmates, expose cheating during physical exams, experience art exams, and recruit students. Gradually she realized how narrow-minded she used to be.

When she woke up from the dream, Nan Xiangwan met the classmates of the disciplinary class again. Nan Xiangwan, who once looked down on the scumbag students, was excited to see them again and fell in love with a boy who she has a good impression with. She also completely got rid of the “academic discrimination” at work.

(Credit: Miss Ojingeo)

[Ebook][Eng Translation][Drama]




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