Fairyland Lovers 蓬莱间 by 路寒 Lu Han

The attending doctor Bai Qi, and the world’s monsters had heard his legends. He had heard his magical skills, and he had heard that he was against Heaven and pursued the only free land in the world, Penglai.

It is said that the day of the reunion of Penglai’s boat will be the time of freedom of the world. Wherever it passes, there will be monsters running in the colourful sails, chasing the sails of Penglai.

No one knows why Bai Qi pursued Penglai. No one knows his true identity. He only knows that he searches for “Penglai’s things” in the name of seeing a doctor. He only knows that there is only one person who can touch his eyes regardless of past and present life.

When the cold face doctor meets the passionate girl, when the mystery of Penglai is blocked by the heavens, all the mysteries will be gathered in the Yanyu Hutong No. 18, Penglai clinic. All the stories are always due to “Penglai”.

(Credit: Fairyland Lovers)

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