Unbreak My Heart / Fall for You, Dote on You / Pampered Mr. Lu’s Wife and Fateful Meeting / Addicted to My Sweetheart / Chong Qi Cheng Yin: Lu Shao Di Xin Jian Chong / 宠妻成瘾:陆少的心尖宠 by 清涵 Qing Han

“A cheater and a bitch. They are perfect for each other,” Ashley scoffed in her heart, a faint smile climbing up the corners of her lips. Her smile was so dazzling that no one could look away from her.

With one swift swig, she emptied the glass of wine down her throat. Never had she imagined that this glass of wine, drugged by her own mother, would bring her to an unbelievably wealthy and hand…

(Credit: MoboReader)

[Ebook][Eng Translation][Manhua One or Two or Three][Donghua with Eng Subs][Audiobook][Sủng Thê Thành Nghiện]


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