Fall in Love With My Trouble / Trouble with the President / Tong Ji Ling: Re Shang Shou Xi Zong Cai 通缉令: 惹上首席总裁 / 契约少女管家 by 拓拔瑞瑞 Ta Ba Rui Rui

Waking up in an unknown bed, Tina Tong Tianai knows last night’s drunk escapade did not end the way the planned. Without even bothering to know the identity of the man she slept with, she slips away only leaving a note.

At college the next day, she hears word of a hot scandal online. To Tina’s horror, it’s a picture of her in bed! The man from last night’s rendezvous was none other than business tycoon Jim Chin / Qin Jin Yang, a sought-after bachelor in their city.

Tina rushes to meet the reputable man to ask him to undo the damage. Proud and aloof as he is, Jim tries to bribe Tina into his riches but the girl has a different view of money and rejects him. Jim has never met a woman who has said no to his money before, and thus his interest in Tina begins.

(Credit: Mangarock)

[Ebook][Eng Translation][Manhua][Manhua in Eng One or Two][Donghua][Audiobook][Nhạ Thượng Thủ Tịch Tổng Tài]

The sequel is called 惹上首席总裁之千金归来 – Re Shang Shou Xi Zong Cai Zhi Qian Jīn Gui Lai (Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess).



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