Falling Dreams of Fang Hua 梦落芳华 by 也顾偕 Ye Gu Xie (OE)

I have an adoptive father….

Um, this is not the important part. I only meant to say, why does he no know that there is a difference of genders in this world? When given a pornographic picture, he insists of saying it is a picture depicting acupuncture points. And… why did he raise me as a boy for fifteen years?! Is writing prescriptions that great? I studied poison.

But, why is he a Fan Hua Beast[1]….


When the blooming flowers have fallen, the fragrance scattered, landing on the ground amongst the earth, moistening the woods and grass, all turns into Fang.


At the lively banquet, the sounds of chatter disperse, leaving a lonely shadow, and an expanse of misty waters, called Hua.


Originally, he had good intentions, but then inadvertently, he was moved and lost his heart, that is Shou [2].


Salamander of the Vast Oceans

(Credit: Xiaoyuer’s Tumblr)

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