Fake Phoenix (False Phoenix) 假凤虚凰 by 叶笑 Ye Xiao


This story is about the Crown Prince Ye Qingge who was a woman disguised as a man and forced to marry a Crown Princess Su Yu who was a man disguised as a woman. The two persons often fought for fun. The marriage was supposed to be good. However, it slowly uncovered a big secret of palming off a substitute for the real person happened twenty years ago.

Su Yu had the reputation of “Goddess of War”. Before they were married, Ye Qingge was afraid that the fact would be exposed so she escaped marriage song. As a result, on the way of escaping marriage, she met Su Yu who was being assassinated. The two persons had an embarrassing first meeting, which led to the fight in the second formal meeting. Those laid the foundation of quarrelsome lovers for them.

After then, the two persons reached an agreement that Ye Qingge helped Su Yu to get what “She” wanted and Su Yu assisted Ye Qingge to stand firm. Then, Xie Zilan, Taifu of Ye Qingge vaguely revealed a secret happened many years. Xie Qingyun, son of Xie Zilan, appeared. What unexpected things will happen among Ye Qingge, Su Yu and Xie Qingyun…?

(Credit: NLB Singapore)

[Ebook – 26 Chapters][Drama Season One (Eng Subs), Two and Three][Audiobook][Giả phượng hư hoàng]


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