The Female Psychologist (The Psychologist) 女心理师 by 毕淑敏 Bi Shu Min (HE)

Because of an incident which involved a suicide over an intervention of a charity advertisement, female psychiatrist He Dun suffered a huge blow in her career. Feeling low, He Dun and her close friend Xiao Xi dines in at a restaurant, and meets Fu Jiahui and Qian Kaiyi. Under the two’s persistence, He Dun decides to work together with Qian Kaiyi and host a television program which touches on psychological issues.

Meanwhile, He Dun and Qian Kaiyi also develop feelings for each other. With the success of the program, He Dun’s psychological counseling clinic becomes busier. At the same time, He Dun’s mentor Ji Mingcong’s scandal was exposed. In the midst of finding the truth for her mentor, He Dun also finds out his secret.

At the same time, her close friend Xiao Xi was embroiled in an argument between her father and his mistress; her mother was revealed to have Alzheimer, and Fu Jiahui is making use of her to seek revenge on Ji Mingcong. The incidents caused her anxiety and sleepwalk to relapse, and a trauma involving her childhood resurfaces on her mind.

In the end, He Dun decides to close her clinic, and go travel around the world with her mother. During the trip, her misunderstandings with her mother was also clarified. He Dun’s heart knot over the years was finally resolved.

(Credit: DramaWiki)



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