Fighting! Girl 加油呀茉莉 by 金蕉细雨 Jin Jiao Xi Yu

Qu Mo stumbles along the road of entrepreneurship as she aspires to be a fashion designer. However, her partner backs out, her online shop is forced to close and her boyfriend breaks up with her. Through everything, dessert chef Gao Ziyi who’s secretly a “second generation rich” has been silently supporting Qu Mo.

Gao Ziyi is the successor of Fugao Group which is the number one enterprise in China. He has returned from his studies abroad in France yet remains reluctant to take over the business. After being cut off from his family’s wealth, he starts working at a dessert shop. Gao Ziyi is a new friend Qu Mo meets through a chance encounter. He helps her regain her courage to move forward as she decides to join a fashion marketing company.

Qu Mo is successful at her job but resolutely resigns to continue pursuing her dream of being a designer. She sets up a studio on the second floor of Gao Ziyi’s dessert shop. A renowned designer recommends Qu Mo to participate in an assessment for the Japanese fashion group Kikyo. Qu Mo makes rapid progress but loses her own style. At this time, Qu Mo’s father’s factory has closed down. No matter how hard, the two remain true to their original intentions in a youthful inspirational story about love, friendship and career.




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