For the Rest of My Life 有生之年 by Twentine (HE)

He Li Zhen thinks that no one can live more cautiously and discreetly than her. When encountering injustice, more often than not, she chooses to suffer the humiliation and pray for a peaceful life.  Until she met Wan Kun, who was her opposite. Perhaps because of this, they are able to fill out the gaps in each other’s lives and piece together a complete circle.

The smoking silhouette, the cheap white T-shirt, the deep gaze, and the inadvertent gestures all form unspeakable images that strike like thunder across He Li Zhen’s heart.

And in Wan Kun’s eyes, the He Li Zhen who appears weak in the eyes of the world, has the shocking ability to heal souls. Her gaze is not meek, but hides a soft curiosity and caring nature. There’s no need for appearances. Together, they will create an unforgettable love story.

(Translator’s notes: This is a romance between a cautious, “old-fashioned” teacher and a troubled student, although the male lead is of legal age after being held back some grades.)

[Ebook][Sinh thời][Eng Translation]


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