Fragrance Beauty 天香美人 by 兰月熙 Orchid Moon (HE)

Fu Lengxiang is a girl born in a wealthy noble family. Blessed with a bright mind, she makes perfume and blends powder every day, affianced to an ideal fiancé, her life is everything that a girl can dream of.

Little does she expect that perfume can be made and blended, destiny, however, is not under her control. Due to a case concerned a drowned female, her whole family is executed. She survived after innumerable hardships, determined to find the culprit behind the scenes, she makes it to the emperor’s palace.

Game of the throne is never peaceful. Lord Han and Lord Qi are both eyeing the ultimate power.

With the appearance of Su Yuan, her fiancé when she was Fu Lengxiang, the game becomes more complicated.

The hands used to blend fragrant powder is now wielding influence, the mind used to only lie in her family is now plotting about the palace.

Alas, it turns out the culprit behind the scenes is the one she used to love deeply!

(Credit: Flying Lines)

[Ebook][Eng Translation][Manhua]


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