General and Her Medic Lover / Just Want to Pamper You 将军的小宠医/ 烈火女将:邪医撩上瘾 by 雲輕舞 Yun Qing Wu

She is the War Goddess. She is the Death.

She is the soul of hundreds of troops.

She fought for country, but her mom was framed up and got killed.

She swore to revenge, however, she found a dreadful plot behind it.

He is a swordsman.

He is a miracle doctor.

He is also a perfect-pretended spy.

He is gentle and loyal.

He came to her with his intention, but healed her all wounds and fell in love with her unconsciously.

(Credit: Web Comics)

[Ebook][Manhua][Manhua in Eng][Donghua with Eng Subs][Tiểu Y Thú Của Tướng Quân]


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