Get to Know about Wife Fan 老婆粉了解一下[娱乐圈] by 春刀寒 Chun Dao Han (HE)

As a wife fan of the popular idol Huo Xi, Qiao Qiao’s most hated person is Sheng Qiao, an actress who gets involved with Huo Xi for hype.

Besides taking camera to join some activities, her major daily task is to diss this white lotus sincerely.

What she didn’t expect is that she would become Sheng Qiao after she hit her head one day.

During the shooting process of her first love drama with Huo Xi, the first scene was NG’d 27 times.

Huo Xi: Sheng Qiao, can you do it or not? If you can’t , you can be replaced!

Qiao Qiao: Husband, don’t be angry, I can do it!

Huo Xi: ? ? ?

Media: Sheng Qiao Leaks Out a Close Appellation, Huo Xi’s Hidden Marriage Exposure

Fans: You f*cking shit, Sheng Qiao, you lotus b*tch, come out quickly and apologize and clarify!

The next day, Sheng Qiao explains in Weibo: Well… I’m a Wife fan, get to know?

Fighting back in a desperate condition, she held the throne.[From being sneered at by all netizens to being supported and liked by them, the heroine also falls in love with her idol along the way.]

Popular star Sheng Qiao has recently been photographed dating the Film Emperor.

In an interview with the media, Huo Xi is asked to send his wishes to this fan in the entertainment circle.

He looks coldly at the camera: Fake.

Sheng Qiao dispels the rumors on Weibo hurriedly: I only adore my idol. I’m not double-minded. Thank you.

At night, a certain idol gnashes his teeth in anger and says next to her ear: Announce our relationship. Immediately! Right now!

(Credit: Kotranslation)

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