GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 by 公子十三 Gong Zi Shi San

Sheng Jing Chu is a rising star in the world of professional Go. Few can match his skills on the board, but he is famously quiet, reserved, and media-shy – despite plenty of public interest. For him, the whole world is black and white, like the colors of the pieces on the Go board. But when he encounters a young trainee reporter named Cheng Liao, his world turns upside down. When he looks at her, he can finally see in color. The media gets the wrong end of the stick, however, and reports begin to emerge stating that she is his girlfriend. The duo decides to keep up the pretense, stating that they indeed are a couple.

But when Sheng Jing Chu suffers a shock Go loss, his mentor says he wants no more to do with him. Sheng Jing Chu is despondent and believes he has lost his knack for the sport. But in the meantime, his relationship with Cheng Liao is becoming deeper, while she is also developing feelings for him. But when she discovers his color blindness is the reason he first became drawn to her, Cheng Liao is unsure about his true feelings for her. Is she just a pawn in his game, or will it be checkmate for love?

(Credit: Viki)



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