God Of War, Crazy Princess / God of War Mad Concubine: The Path to Obtaining the World 战神狂妃: 凤倾天下 by 千朵朵 Qian Duo Duo

A special ghost, Sheng Qianyu woke up and did not expect to wake up and become a lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion!

She was supposed to be married into the princely palace, but she was betrayed by her fiance and her sister. The wedding night was stained with blood.

With the identity of the three daughters of the honor king and the third daughter of the royal family, she was involved in the investigation to find the truth of a murder in the palace.

With her outstanding skills of a agents, Sheng Qianyu not only resolved many crises, but also won the favor of the six princes. Strong cooperation, step by step tricks, turn your hands over the clouds in the power! But what is waiting for them is more serious conspiracy…

(Credit: Mangadex)

[Ebook][Manhua][Manhua in Eng One or Two][Donghua][Chiến Thần Cuồng Phi: Phụng Khuynh Thiên Hạ]


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