God’s Left Hand & Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room (Go Go Squid 2: DT. Appledog’s Time) 神之左手 & 密室困游鱼 (我的时代, 你的时代 / 亲爱的,挚爱的) by Mo Bao Fei Bao (HE)

In 2007, at the WCG Asian Tournament in Singapore.  In just a few hours’ time, between left and right hands, there goes a life and death battle. In the Chinese team that year, there is a professional player who’s only 15 years old, nicknamed “God’s Left Hand”.  At that match, he sits right next to her.

Their professional lives start from 14 years old until they retire, disappear, at 25 years old.

In these non-mainstream tournaments, where a small niche of the population follows closely, their only possessions are a mouse, keyboard, and headphones each.  There they won gold medals one after another for China.

Their average age is around 20, the oldest is only 30.  But they all have forever left their names at all the major international competitions and all the professional forums.  In Chinese, in English, in numbers, or just a nickname, they are all legends without any reservations.

They deserved to be legends because they have written the history of the whole esports era.

And this era will never end:

“Our dreams had died long ago, but all the experiences and glory will be renewed once again, from this moment onward.”

(Credit: DHH Translations)

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