He Sees Your Voice (Your Secret) 他看见你的声音 (我知道你的秘密) by 殷寻 Cherry Yin Xun

Because of an accident, everything have changed. Seven years later, he came back in another identity to win her heart with his name. Same face but different persons.

She didn’t know whether his love was true or false but she fell in deeply and was addicted to his thrilling world.

The strange nursery rhyme from a distant ancient village and the oil lamps existing in the nether world, and ”the puppet hidden in the bone seeking for the thing needed”.

The seemingly accidental and dangerous murder, the people around difficult to distinguish the genuine and fake and the killing intention hidden behind the smile.

Bearing the pain, he treaded on dander and made a painstaking investigation to find out the truth and distinguish the human nature.

The human heart could not be looked into but he was determined to spy on the hearts and used only a scalpel to cut the absurdness befuddling public opinion and listen to the voice of truth.

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