He Stood In The Depth of Time 他站在时光深处 by 北倾 Bei Qing (HE)

Wen Jing Ran was the chief surgeon for Ying Ru Yue’s grandmother’s operation.

Before they entered the operating theatre, Ying Ru Yue, fearing that he would feel immensely pressurized, went up to him and reassured him, telling him in an extremely calm and collected manner, that there was no need for him to feel anxious.

At that time, Wen Jing Ran lowered his gaze and cast a quick glance at her without making a single sound. During the entire operation, however, a sense of severity and foreboding clouded over the operating theatre, and the operating theatre was so silent one would be able to hear a pin drop. When the operation finally ended, Ying Ru Yue found Wen Jing Ran leaning against the wall. Grabbing hold of his hands, she found them to be icy cold – shocked, she whipped her head up and stared at him in surprise. Letting out a low chuckle, Wen Jing Ran explained in a self-deprecating tone, “Was slightly anxious – I was afraid you’d cry.”

Have you, during the course of your entire lifetime, ever encountered such a person? When you first laid eyes on such a person, it was as though you crossed the starry night sky, and the wide, vast seas.



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