Held in the Lonely Castle (Serenade of Peaceful Joy) 孤城闭 (清平乐) by 米兰 Milan Lady

Between a relationship with love but without sxx and a marriage with ssx but without love, which would you choose?

In this story, buried deep within the annals of Song dynasty history, the Emperor’s beloved daughter chose the former.

In the eyes of Censor Sima Guang and the rest, the story’s female lead “doesn’t respect the teachings of her elders and doesn’t know the meaning of virtue. She acts as she pleases, absolutely fearless. She has frequently disobeyed her Royal Father’s orders and disgraced her husband’s family’s ancestors,” while the male lead “doesn’t keep to his station. His sinful crimes have grown as tall as a mountain. He should be publically executed.” Their universally shocking and shunned love is hidden within the criticism of these moral articles.

“Mistaken meeting,
on Taoyuan Road.
A hazy sunset covered thousands of miles.
My lord is leaving and I can’t make him stay.
Under the autumn moon, a spring breeze blows.
The peach blossom petals scatter like red rain.
The face I long for has disappeared from view.”

– Collection of Musings, Second Work, Taoyuan, Tang Dynasty – Anonymous

(Credit: Nyamachi Translations)

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