Hello, I’m at Your Service 金牌客服董董恩 by 布衣麻七 Bu Yi Ma Qi

It tells the story of how Dong Dong En, a top-tier customer service representative, captures the heart of Lou Yuan, a client representative, with her own charm in the battle of wits and courage. Due to a misunderstanding between the top-tier customer service representative Dong Dong En and the client representative Lou Yuan, the mundane workplace life becomes a whirlwind.

After starting the job at the client’s office, not only does Dong Dong En excel in showcasing her top-tier professionalism, but she also captures Lou Yuan’s heart with her own charm in the battle of wits and courage with the client.

(Credit: MyDramaList)



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  1. Mangosteen
    Mangosteen September 24, 2023 at 5:06 pm |

    It’s so good to read your post again Peanuts. I was very sad and worry for 3 months, wondering if you are alright. Please keep posting, sharing us new novels. I don’t leave comments or reviews, but I check the webpage eveyday.

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