Hey, That Transfer Student! 嘿,那个转校生 by 墨西柯 Mo Xi Ke (HE)

Ming Xi never ever expected, that just by reading a simple, chick-lit novel, she would transmigrate into the novel and assume the role of the main antagonist of the novel!

Before Ming Xi could recover from the immense joy she experienced from her immaculate and perfect outward appearance and the immense riches possessed by her family, she was struck by the horrifying discovery that she had, somehow, managed to incur the enmity and wrath of the school tyrant, Yin Shao Chen?!

Under the fierce and oppressive gaze of the male lead, Ming Xi’s survival instincts kicked into high gear, “Shall I teach you how to solve these Math problems?”

Yin Shao Chen stared at the youthful girl in front of him whose grades ranked within the bottom three amongst the entire grade, “……” Why would I need someone like you to tutor me?!

But, never did he expect things to unfold in such a miraculous, mind-boggling way.

Ming Xi’s younger sister, who was supposed to fight tooth and nail with Ming Xi for her entire life, somehow transformed into someone with an overwhelming desire to protect Ming Xi; the fiercest female hooligan in class, who was supposed to dedicate all her efforts into driving Ming Xi out of school, somehow became Ming Xi’s best friend; and when the school attempted to transfer Ming Xi from her current class to the best class that was populated with geniuses, her entire class signed a petition protesting the school’s decision, and was waiting for him – the final person who hasn’t signed the petition – to join them in their petition.

Yin Shao Chen: Are these people crazy?

Yes, they must certainly be crazy.

And yet, Yin Shao Chen one month later —

“Ming Xi, I truly want to focus on my studies and improve my grades, so could you please tutor me? How do I solve this problem?”

Ming Xi cast a quick glance at the problem, “Thankfully, you are able to recognize numbers, otherwise, I might have to start by teaching you the basic multiplication table.”

Yin Shao Chen, who was purposefully masking his actual ability in front of Ming Xi – Am I making too many mistakes on purpose? What if Ming Xi thinks that I’m some kind of buffoon? 

Ah, so what if she thinks I’m dumb? Even if she asks for my life, I’d gladly give it to her.



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