Hi, Your Spatula / The Mister Cat Who Lives In the Bungalow 嗨,你的锅铲 / 洋房里的猫先生 by 映漾 Ying Yang (HE)

Chi Zhi Han’s employer is extremely secretive and mysterious.

Although she has cooked all his meals for him for half a year, the only part of him which she has seen are his hands.

Until one day, when she was in the midst of delivering his food to him, she felt someone grab her ankle.

A man, dressed in a huge, black sweater, laid breathlessly on the floor, his face a ghostly shade of white.

A face that was so enchanting that it was capable of bewitching all demons, had two huge, innocent eyes which stared helplessly at her.

An otherworldly beauty which belongs in the world of animation.


Her employer…

Was so unimaginably tasty?!



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  1. dramasbooksandtea
    dramasbooksandtea October 30, 2019 at 1:47 am |

    I was looking for something simple and sweet when I stumbled across Hi, Your Spatula. Hi, Your Spatula is what people loosely term as a “dual healing” novel, where both the male and female leads possess certain unresolved issues or inner demons at the beginning of the novel, and gradually come to “heal” each other and improve as they get to know each other better throughout the novel.

    In this novel, our male lead, Qi Cheng, is rich, handsome, sensitive, polite and caring male lead with severe social anxiety disorder and depression, and has been struggling with the illness for a good ten years (with absolutely no sign of improvement and/or recovery) at the start of the novel. He is unable to step out of his home, and is usually unable to face his family members and therapist in a normal fashion without excessive mental preparation. He spends his days cooped up in his locked room, frequently whiling his time away drawing and publishing comic books. It is under these set of circumstances that his family decide to attempt riskier treatment and hire our female lead, Chi Zhi Han, as a private chef for our male lead, with the hope that the male lead would gradually show some signs of improvement as he is forced to live with the female lead in the same house (although, the limited interaction they have at the start of the novel is restricted to our female lead delivering food to his room via a small gap in the door of his room, and our male lead “monitoring” our female lead in the “common areas” of his home via CCTV.

    Our female lead, Chi Zhi Han, is relatively healthy and is an easy and outgoing girl, whose inner demons are not as severe as those of our male lead. Unlike our male lead, our female lead does not come from an affluent background – at the start of the novel, she is introduced to us as a “Cinderella” character whose family fortunes has dissipated along with her father’s failed business ventures. With her father having passed away, and her mother having abandoned her in the face of the huge mountain of debt incurred by our female lead’s father, our female lead suffers from excessive loneliness, and has a strong desire for familial companionship and a desire to be needed.

    It is under these set of circumstances that our leads find each other, and, whilst getting to know each other, slowly fall in love with each other and gradually coming to “heal” each other, with our female lead inspiring in our male lead, for the first time in a long while, a feeling of hope for the future, and our male lead giving to our female lead, a feeling of “home”. All in all, a really sweet and simple story which can be easily devoured without much emotional baggage.

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