Honey, Don’t Run Away/ Feng Zhi Cheng Hun: Chun Qing Ya Tou Xiu Xiang Tao 奉子成婚:丫头,休想逃/ 纯情丫头休想逃 by 舒丫丫 Shu Ya Ya

What kind of love is worth bearing in mind for a lifetime.

She is the mother of a four-year-old, and he is the overwhelming President.

She spares no effort in keeping the secret that she once had saved him, but he keeps pushing her step by step.

“Be my girl, I can give you anything you want. But, you can’t betray me or leave me.”

She sneered her reply, “President Ji, you have a fiancee, and being your secret lover is the least thing I want to do, because people criticize and curse the other woman.”

(Credit: Webcomics)

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