I am Rich 我很有钱呀 / 甜不可攀 by 六盲星 Liu Mang Xing (HE)

Guan Zhiyi, a third-tier actress who can’t be popular no matter how hard she tried, eventually listened to her family and obediently went on a blind date.

When her small group of fans found out about it, they expressed their sorrow one after another.

“My idol is too miserable. She can’t make any money so she has no other choice but to go on a blind date.”

“Let’s do crowdfunding for her return! Daughter! Mama will support you!”


Later, in order to refute the exaggerated news on the Internet, Guan Zhiyi started a live broadcast to meet everyone.

“I’m not poor, I live a good life everyday. You don’t have to worry.”

Her fans wailed and cried bitterly: “Our daughter is just so thoughtful! She’s already that miserable yet still not willing to pass on any negativity!”

Guan Zhiyi: “…”

The poor persona lasted for a long time, until one day, reporters captured Guan Zhiyi leaving a parking lot after filming late at night, driving a global limited-edition supercar and raced all the way into the most expensive villa area in Imperial Capital, where the financial circle big shot Qi Chengyan live.

Netizen 1: “What happened to her hard working and poor persona?”

Netizen 2: “If your acting is terrible, you just go to climb into a rich family, shameless.”

The Internet was filled with insults. Guan Zhiyi silently posted on Weibo the next morning: “Uh, the house I entered is my own brother’s house. President Qi’s house is next door…”

A few minutes later, Qi Chengyan commented: “Then when will you be willing to enter my house (family)?”

Netizen: “???”

(Credit: Hifard)

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