I Married the Male Lead of a CP-free Novel 我嫁给了无cp文男主[穿书] by 十尾兔 Ten-tailed Hare (HE)

Chi Zhengzheng became vegetative, lying in bed, motionless.

A CP-free novel suddenly appeared in her mind …

In the original novel, a car accident left the Chi family’s daughter in a coma.

The engagement had to go on, and Chi Zhengzheng’s fiancé, the younger son of the Wen family, was not willing.

Unwilling to offend the Chi family, the Wen family lets the unpopular eldest young master, Wen Yu, take over.

The indifferent Wen Yu became a joke in the circle.

The young man, Wen Yu, was the male lead of this CP-free novel, has built a huge business empire.

In just one year, with a wave of his hand, he destroyed both the Chi family and the Wen family, opening the way for the CP-free male lead’s road to dominance.

His nominal wife, Chi Zhengzheng, also passed away quietly after being a vegetable for a year.

After reading the whole story, Chi Zhengzheng shivered in fear and suddenly opened her eyes – just in time to lock eyes with Wen Yu.

Oh, so handsome.

Chi Zhengzheng: “… Husband!!!”

Wen Yu: ???

(Credit: Latte Translations)

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