Tian Xing Wan / My Husband Was Once a Long Aotian 天行晚 / 为夫曾是龙傲天 / 千世化梦 by 墨书白 Mo Shu Bai (HE)

Before transmigrating, Qin Wanwan was the happiest second generation of Immortal in the Immortal Realm.

She was a salted fish[1] and a waste, but her parents bribed various outstanding figures who had fame and prestige to fabricate her achievement. Thus, she had a great reputation.

Until one day, Jian Xingzhi, who cultivated Zhanlian Dao and had fought with people all over the world, came over to fight her out of admiration of her strength. With a slash of his sword, she transmigrated from the Immortal Realm to the novel “Strongest Mary Sue” and became the vicious Supporting Female, Qin Wan.

Just as she became Qin Wan, she was pressed to the ground on the Judgment Stage. People nearby shouted to kill her because she harmed the Female Lead.

The system informed her in a cold tone—

“As a vicious Supporting Female, in this world, your Shifu[2] will cast you away, your Shixiong[3] will detest you, and your sweetheart will personally kill you. The only one who treats you sincerely is the Soft Rice Man[4] next to you.”

“You should learn to be cruel to others and crueler to yourself. In this way, you can ‘fight for your destiny’ and counterattack the Female Lead!”

“Quick, stab the sword into your body and tell them loudly— From today on, you will cut off all relationships with them and have nothing to do with them!”

When Qin Wanwan heard this, she trembled and picked up the sword. She shook for half a day, at long last, she “plopped” down on her knees.

“Shifu, please grant me a chance to turn over a new leaf. I will never…”

Before she finished, Qin Wanwan witnessed the Soft Rice young man on the ground spring to his feet and embrace her from behind. While he was at it, he seized her hands and aimed her sword to penetrate their body. Conveniently, he also shouted the line she had no time to shout—

“From today on, Qin Wan has nothing to do with you all!”

Qin Wanwan scrutinized the Soft Rice Man before her, full of astonishment.

Still, her wound was so painful she nearly fainted.

Jian Xingzhi, who had stabbed himself and Qin Wanwan, was poker-faced. Ever-steadily holding the sword in his hand.

In his mind, he listened to the scream of “Soft Rice Man System”.

“You are just a Green Tea[5] Soft Rice Man! Boss, you are OOC!!”

Jian Xingzhi sneered in his heart.

You want Laozi[6] to eat soft rice? Dream on.

[Mini Theater]

Qin Wanwan, “Are you also a transmigrator?”

Jian Xingzhi, “Mn.”

Qin Wanwan, “Then, what is your name, and what did you do before?”

Jian Xingzhi, “My Daoist[7] name is Sui Heng. My given name is Jian Xingzhi. My heart and soul are dedicated to cultivating the way of the Sword. I have no interest in world affairs. Jianghu people call me Long Aotian[8].”

Qin Wanwan, “……”

She knew.

She knew by heart who this stupid asshole was.


[1] 咸鱼 – xián yú; Salted fish. People who have no intention of doing anything.

[2] 师父 – shīfù; Master/Teacher.

[3] 师兄 – shīxiōng; Older Martial Brother

[4] 软饭男 – ruǎnfàn nán; lit. Soft Rice Man. A man who does not want to do things, and depends on women to support him every day.

[5] 绿茶 – lǜchá; Green tea. Used to describe person who “pretend to be very innocent

[6] 老子 – lǎozi; lit. Old Father. “I, your father,” Prideful and arrogant way of “I.” Commanding respect. Another variation of arrogant “I” is 老娘 (lǎoniang)

[7] 道号 – dào hào; Daoist monastic name

[8] 龙傲天 – long aotian; Dragon Proud Sky. An internet term mostly used to the male protagonist who has a miserable life but is particularly powerful from the very beginning.

(Credit: Elysian Pit)

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