I Want to Waste Away Time With You 我想和你互相浪費 by 归渔 Gui Yu (HE)

Lu Wei Xi has only had one incredible thing happen to her in her lifetime, at the entrance of a hospital, she heard a beautiful voice speak to her- and then she fell in love.

In order to find this voice, her confused heart stepped into the CV circle blindly and would then discover that the voice she loved belonged to someone famous in the industry, a flower on a high hill that could only be looked upon, but not picked.

God had given a voice that was greater than any man or deity, and he was revered as the great king of the CV circle.

– That night he opened his mouth to speak, she seemed to hear the sound of love coming from it

– I want to waste away time with you and I want to give all of my life to you

(Credit: It’s So Fluffy Translation)

[Ebook][Eng Translation][Radiodrama]


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