Iceberg Prince, Spare Me/ Indulged By Icy President/ Melting Your Icy Heart/ Bing Shan Zong Cai Qiang Chong Qi 冰山总裁强宠妻 by 化成水的冰 Hua Cheng Shui De Bing

On the extravagant wedding ceremony of the icy CEO, a stand-in bride appeared out of the blue.

On the wedding night, he vent all his anger on her!

After insulting her, he dumped her with a divorce proposal but was informed that she was pregnant!

His coldness led to her depart…

Five years later, they met again and he was surprised to find her assertive and strong…

(Credit: Webnovel)

[Ebook][Audiobook][Manhua in English One or Two or Three]


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