Brittle / If We Were Strangers 玉碎 / 如果这一秒,我没遇见你 by Fei Wo Si Cun (OE)

Ren Su Su is a stunning and talented ballerina who is contented with her simple life although she is not from a rich background. She chanced upon a noble affluent man, Mu Rong Qing Yi during an outing with her best friend and that is when Mu Rong Qing Yi decided he had to have her for his wife. Although they did get married after some difficulty, Ren Su Su is inferior with herself and do not have confidence to fulfil her duty as a wife to such a great man, with her quiet nature she tend to keep her feelings to herself most of the time. Much as Mu Rong Qing Yi loves her, the couple soon had misunderstanding due to lack of honest communication..will they ever clear up their misunderstanding?

Alternate Summary:

If it is unfortunate, why would she met a noble son whom will be the envy of every women; if it is fortunate, why would he be so cold towards her. If do not like it, why would he force marriage on her; if like it, why would he give her cold shoulder after getting married…..Noble son, Murong Qing Yi, rescued Ren Su Su on the horseback by chance at the racecourse. The love between the wealthy man and the woman from poor background, is it fate? or sin? 

[Ebook][Audiobook][Incomplete Radiodrama][Nếu giây phút ấy ta không gặp nhau][Eng Translation]


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