Imperial Flourish 御繁华 by 无处可逃 Wu Chu Ke Tao

When they first encountered each other in the apricot flower forest, she was still a feudal princess who was ignorant of the ways of the world, while he was the late Emperor’s favored royal prince who wiped out the enemies at the borders with meritorious services but because the new Emperor felt threatened by him, he was banished far away.

That time, he still did not have the intentions to compete for the world, yet for the sake family enmity and country’s revenge, using his tender feelings for her as a trap and their inseparable love, she viciously pushed him towards the path of treason.

Reuniting three years later, he was already a preeminent hegemon, wielding a long sword in his hand and desiring to obtain the world. On the other hand, she was a down and out zither player devoid of all possessions.

The conquest for the throne, the chaos at Yongjia……very powerful armies, long expeditions, the insignificance of human lives, love and hate that are fleeting.

Separation from loved ones, unable to attain what one hopes for, apart by life and death, she let him down on everything and ultimately used the most resolute method to repay him.

Until he became the ruler of the world, he was instead so close yet worlds apart.

The ups and downs of love and hate in this lifetime were all imparted based on the plain paper she left behind ー I have no means to return the favors I have received from you, I wish that you have imperial flourish in this life.

(Credit: Michilun Translations)

[Ebook][Radiodrama One or Two][Audiobook]


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  1. Bellybutton
    Bellybutton January 3, 2023 at 12:33 am |

    I shed tears for the FL. A couple truly in love but FL was forced by circumstances to ‘betray’ her lover. A misunderstanding which causes both of them so much pain. Worth 5 stars.

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