In Later Years 熟年 by 伊北 Yi Bei

The crisis of middle age hits Chunmei in waves. She begins to think about how she can deal with the pressures of life and how to accept that she’s ageing.

From everyone else’s perspective, Zhang Chunmei’s life is perfect. Her son has been admitted to a top school due to his excellent grades; her husband is a professor with outstanding credentials; Chunmei herself is up for promotion as an editor of their magazine. Chunmei has a house, a car and abundant savings; but in fact, only she knows her own suffering.

Middle age crisis came without warning, what’s worse, Chunmei’s husband Weiqiang has disappeared. After putting together all the clues, Chunmei has enough reason to suspect that her husband is cheating on her. When Weiqiang seems to have thought things through and finally goes home, he asks for a divorce.




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