Unstoppable Affection 戒不掉的喜欢 by 陌言川 Mo Yan Chuan (HE)

The club recently employed a young part-time doctor. She had a pleasant outward appearance, was gentle and attentive, and was extremely skilled in the art of coaxing and humoring people.

The innocent youths in the squad often marveled at their tiny doctor, “In the future, whenever we are looking for a partner, we need to find someone like Ying Huan – obedient, well-behaved, and extremely good at coaxing and humoring people……”

Only Xu Jing Yu – the only person who continuously teased Ying Huan until Ying Huan bordered on retaliation – knew, that Ying Huan was a true blue enchantress.

After successfully defending his championship title, Xu Jing Yu was asked during the post-match interview, “Based on my sources, I understand that, as preparation for every single match which you participate in, you maintain an extremely strict and disciplined regime, and do not indulge in any vices or distracting activities which may cause you to suffer even the slightest drop or decrease in your mental or physical state for a month prior to the match – is this true?”

With his face peppered with various bruises, and with droplets of blood flowing from the cuts on his brows and the corner of his lips, Xu Jing Yu smiled as he looked at the camera, “It’s true.”

At that time, Ying Huan was standing on the fringes of the crowd surrounding Xu Jing Yu, with an indifferent and cool expression etched on her face.

Ying Huan’s friends who were present at the match were filled with curiosity, and edged over to Ying Huan, “Is that really true? King Jing, the man who is overflowing with charisma and hormones – can he truly control himself (and his urges) and remain disciplined for one entire month?”

Ying Huan fell silent.

Ying Huan’s friends interpreted her silence as an admission of King Jing‘s disciplined nature, and sighed in pity, “Ah, what a waste – although you managed to land yourself an extremely handsome boyfriend, you’re only able to look at him without being able to eat him.”

Ying Huan: “……”

No, no – she wasn’t making any tacit admission of any sort, she was merely caught up in thinking, how many times he broke his “vows” that night?

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