Jiaochen 娇嗔 by 时星草 Shi Xing Cao (HE)

Fu Yanzhi is a famous ice king in the Diyi Hospital. He is aloof, self-reliant, and just like a snowy mountain, no one could shake him.

One day, Dr. Fu’s office started being frequently visited by a cheongsam-wearing belle-designer. She had an alluring figure, red lips, and fair skin.

At first, his colleagues began to bet that she would be rejected by Dr. Fu in a month’s time and never again set foot in their department.

A month later, she was still coming around.

Three months later, a colleague saw her talking intimately with Dr. Fu.

When she came out of his office, the high and aloof Dr. Fu’s ears were stained with bright lipstick and he was full of vitality.

A year later, Dr. Fu and she received a marriage certificate.


(Credit: Foxaholic)

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