Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 by 希行 Xi Xing

Jiuling was once the daughter of the crown prince, the princess of a nation. She specialized in medicine and incredibly intelligent, and yet she was murdered. After her death, she actually ended up reincarnated into the body of a distressed orphan girl, Jun Zhenzhen.

One of these days, Jiuling was going to go back to her killer and get revenge. However, she had urgent matters at hand that needed tending to, trouble of which was left to her by the previous owner of Jun Zhengzhen.

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[Ebook][Eng Translation (Chapters 1 to 222) (Chapters 223 onward)][Audiobook][Drama][Summary in Eng]


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  1. humbledaisy1
    humbledaisy1 September 17, 2020 at 1:49 pm |

    Although I could only read the partial translation and then dive into the pretty awful world of MTL, this novel just shines. Strong heroine, revenge but not bloodthirsty, lots of background into ancient business, banking, the military and royalty, and four maybe-almost-male leads that fit into different stages of our Jun Jiuling’s life. Even the evil characters have reasons and storylines that make them come alive. Read this book!

  2. Belly Button
    Belly Button November 30, 2021 at 6:14 pm |

    I read only up to chapter 256. This is an interesting novel. The female lead is intelligent and deals with issues as a matter of fact. The story is kind of ‘battle of wits’. You learn to appreciate the other characters. The story doesn’t tell you exactly what the FL plans to do eventually but she is taking an unhurried attitude towards achieving her goal. And I am curious about the ending and perhaps which man she will end up with if ever at all although my guess will the the latter man because with all the earlier men, there are too many impediments. I suppose I have to read the google translate version of the novel now. LOL.

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