Just Because I Stole Your Cup 不就偷你一杯子 – 凤淋儿 – Feng Lin Er (HE)

Just look at these 3 sexual predators :- one looks Evil (black belly) one looks gentle and one looks sunny .. No thanks to her drunken chaos…

Long Dian: Check his back ground, know his wealth! No matter how handsome, he must be rich!
Se Ya: Take off his clothes, try his skill! No matter how sexy, he must be straight!

She is so confused..She just want to find out who is the owner of the cup she accidentally took from that night. Who is Mr 419 ???? 419 is a Chinese abbreviation for One night stand – for(4)one(1)night(9)

It’s just a cup! How could it be cost her her lifetime?

Your cup is worthless!!!! Alright, I gave it back… What? You want my lifetime too? My life is quite worthless…

This is a story about a HR manager, Bian Bei Bei who had a one nite stand after getting drunk one night. She has 3 suspects and she never dream that Mr 419 will come after her for stealing his cup..

These 3 words 杯(cup),辈(lifetime),贝 (darling) are all pronounce as Bei in Chinese. It is a clever play with words.

Important note : The concept of one nite stand is not to be encouraged. This is just a story for reading pleasure and Bei Bei is not promiscuous. So please don’t “egged” me for corrupting the mind of young readers…

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  1. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries September 23, 2014 at 4:08 am |

    This is a childhood plus a boss-subordinate romance. Finally, I found one that is not boss-secretary!!!!! BeiBei works as a senior HR. Manager in a big company and all 3 suspects work there. The big boss is Xi Xia Er, the Art director is Hou Yan Ting and the chief programmer is Duan Hui. She is a pretty, has a great figure, comes from a great university and dance like a snake..But at work, she just wants to keep a low profile. The Internet forum of their company is hilarious and I keep trying to guess the true ID behind their funny username in addition to finding out who is Mr 419.

    She has 2 other friends – one keeps fantasising on BL and is a food gourmet while the other is an illegitimate child with a rich dad. Their sisterhood is not over play in this story as this is one of the 3 books on their friendship.

    BeiBei is not without flaws. She make a fool of herself every time she is drunk. She admire expensive cars, wine and aspire the fine life. I learn a fair bit on wines and cocktails from this novel. Her dad died when she was very young and she live in a poor neighbourhood with her mum while vaguely remembering a neighbour boy who cares for her deeply.

    It’s a rather sweet, funny story with a tiny mystery and zero angst..

  2. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 23, 2014 at 9:15 am |

    Snowberries, I notice you’ve fairly similar taste as me but even more naughty than me lol. I read this book long time ago. I even recommended it to decembi but I think she didn’t finish the book but I did, haha….I didn’t post this book in SSB bcos it is a bit of a bad influence. I learned a few naughty words fr the novel eg 419, JQ etc lol.

    Some parts of the novel are funny & sweet but I feel that the book is a tad too draggy especially the coy forum part. I am not a fan of online interactions:( Another of my complain is the 419 happened too early and I dun get to meet the male lead until much much later. I feel the author’s plot structure & writing can be improved. Not enough time was used to develop the r/s b/w the leads & there are 2 many side characters. Lastly, I dun know how Bei Bei can be a HR manager bcos I am sorry to say she is such a dummie. I can tolerate sweet & silly girl but she is worse. With all those criticisms, I still finished the book so it is not as bad as I’ve written, lol.

  3. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries September 23, 2014 at 11:00 am |

    yes Dear peanuts ….that’s why I m in SSB following the books you recommended. I am a little “full” with smart man-silly girl combo …so looking for a boss with executive level r/s. I fully agree that the story is a little draggy toward the end. That’s why I rate it only as good. 419 is definitely not to be encouraged as we can see her embarrassments when people mentioned it. Even Mr 419 did question her on the danger if he has not been at the party….I am a sucker for childhood romance so I super love the epilogue where we read abt Xiao ge ge and BeiBei interaction….BeiBei character is not very well written but like you say, we need variety in our diet…this book has more office happenings…..I am interested with Long Dian’s story…but it has not been written 🙁

  4. decembi
    decembi September 28, 2014 at 4:30 pm |

    Hahaha! Yes, I remember this book. Peanuts recommended me when I was going through my boss-staff phase! I think I only read a few chapters and gave up, like peanuts said – the structure and writing could be improved! I don’t know – I think the female character didn’t act like how she was described – she is supposed to be capable, but she kept doing stupid things!

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