Just to See You (Fate) 只为那一刻与你相见 by 鲜橙 Xian Cheng

She’s the heroine who was a mere cannon fodder. After her family and love life all fell apart, Xia Ranran makes her counterattack and finds the one who is fated to be with her.

Five years ago, Xia Ranran was the ugly duckling following Li Xiangan around wherever he went even as Su Mo is the white lotus of Li Xiangan’s heart. Five years later, Xia Ranran has become Shao Mingzhe’s  fiancee in name. However, Su Mo is the ex-girlfriend that remains in his heart.

Xia Ranran never expected to meet Lin Xiangan once again on a narrow road. Can she finally let go of her feelings?

Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe only got together due to their family’s wishes. Between them, there was never love. Yet his gentle affection towards her may turn into an addiction that she cannot quit.

Chen Luo is her father’s most capable assistant. He keeps on trying to get close even as she distances herself from him but her heart is not made of stone.

In this story, who will be the leading man to accompany her until the end?

(Credit: Chinesedrama.info)

[Ebook][Drama with Eng Subs]


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