Kiss of Venus 维纳斯之吻 by 板栗子 Ban Li Zi (HE)

Li Shen’s performance in the finals of 《Heavenly Voice》 stole the breaths of everyone present. The judging panel praised him, saying he was ‘a man kissed by a goddess.’ Li Shen faintly curved his lips. In his entire life, only the woman called Yu Wan had kissed him.

Yu Wan didn’t expect to return to A City one day after leaving three years ago, and then to run into Li Shen again.

After Li Shen found her, he said, “Yu Wan, can I ask you to plan a wedding?”

Yu Wan asked, “Who are the newlyweds?”

Li Shen replied, “Li Shen and Yu Wan.”

(Credit: Radiant Translations)

[Ebook][Eng Translation (Chapters 1 to 43) (Chapters 44-on)][Audiobook]


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