Legend of the Magnate 大生意人 by 赵之羽 Zhao Zhi Yu

In the late Qing Dynasty, a passionate young man named Gu Ping Yuan came from a family of small merchants. He wanted to study and pursue an official career to shine, but he failed in the imperial examination room. He was framed, became a prisoner, and was exiled to a foreign land.

In order to find out the truth and return home, he fled to Shanxi with a private salt caravan and started a legendary business road by accident. With his astonishing courage, he led a caravan into the swamps and gained a small reputation in the ancient plains. Faced with the conspiracy of Tiangui, the overlord of Shanxi merchants, he was very happy and solved the situation, which attracted the attention of Li Qin, the son of a Beijing merchant tycoon.

Gu Ping Yuan is regarded as an old enemy by Li Qin. In the struggle between the two, Gu Ping Yuan always turns defeat into victory in dangerous situations. From the pawn shop to the tea industry to the military grain and salt industry, Gu Ping Yuan gradually breaks out of his own world step by step, and at the same time discovers his own life experience. The conspiracy behind the murder was directed at the Li family.

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