Leisurely Beast World: Plant Some Fields, Have Some Cubs / Beauty and the Beasts 悠哉兽世:种种田,生生崽 by 白头梦 Bai Tou Meng

After falling into the beastmen world and being taken home by a leopard, Bai Qing Qing’s mood collapsed. The males in this world are as gorgeous and handsome as flowering peacocks, but the females are unsightly to no comparison. Not only ugly but are still favored beyond belief by the males. She could only be regarded as a beautiful high school student before, but here she has somehow become a staggering beauty, stunning all beasts.

The most ridiculous thing is that this is still a matriarchal society. This Sis doesn’t want three four husbands waiting on her! Tease the leopard, play with the tiger, lure the poisonous snake, and capture the eagle. Bai Qing Qing, with a full harem, wanted to cry. She really wasn’t intentional: “Hey, hey, Brother Leopard, Brother Tiger, Brother Snake Eagle, what are you doing? Don’t come over here!” 4 Male leads: The youthful arrogant leopard, the gloomy silent snake, the big powerful tiger, the aloof righteous eagle.

(Credit: Foxaholic)

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