Let’s Shake It, ET 颤抖吧, ET (颤抖吧!阿部) by 疯丢子 Feng Diu Zi

Depicts the story of Ah Bu, an alien warrior from outer space after falling onto earth and possessing the body of a young Tang Dynasty lady. Together with the Tang family’s eldest son, Tang Qing Feng, they become involved with each other in the midst of the battle for imperial power.

The story continues as we find out what happens next to our favorite alien, Abu (who previously assumes the identity of Tang Qingye after accidentally landing on Earth) who become entangled and fell in love with Tang Qingfeng.

(Credit: Mydramalist)

[Ebook][Drama English Sub Season 1][Drama English Sub Season 2][Drama][Run Rẩy Đi, A Bộ]


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  1. Silhoutte
    Silhoutte February 26, 2019 at 1:34 am |

    Im so glad to see SSB back!!!!

    Its presence is really felt!

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