Letting You Float Like a Dream/ (Granting You A Dreamlike Life) 许你浮生若梦 by 橘子宸 Ju Zi Chen

In the 1930s at Shanghai, the official Xu family, the Lin Jia, who runs the film company, and the Hong family, who is in charge of the gang, stand tall and have rivalry. And all this calmed down with a new play with  Duan Tianying, came to the Fulong Theatre in Shiliyang, Shanghai. The talented Tianying was so red on the beach that she attracted the overbearing Luo Fusheng and the gentleman’s returning monarch who was Xu Xingcheng to chase her.

The fate of several outstanding young people in the three families has undergone irreversible changes with the rapid changes of the times and the hidden surging of the human heart.

(Credit: Foxaholic)

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