Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful? (All Out of Love) 凉生我们可不可以不忧伤 by 乐小米 Le Xiao Mi (BE)


The secret which I cannot tell. Similar to Liang Sheng’s one, it was endless sorrow.

Her name was Jiang Sheng, his name was Liang Sheng.

She thought he was her older brother, he thought she was his younger sister. The poor family financial situation and the pressure to survive made younger sister Jiang Sheng completely dependent and trust older brother Liang Sheng. This made her unconsciously fell into the emotional whirlpool that was contrary to ethics and moral principles. I called him Liang Sheng and made him call me Jiang Sheng. Perhaps this was merely a dream, a very long dream? Jiang Sheng said: “Since you left, there are only two things left to do in my life, to find you and to wait for you!”

Cheng Tian You: “When I was very young, I heard a very beautiful saying. They said: A butterfly cannot fly over the vast sea. Now, I only understand, it is not that a butterfly cannot fly over the vast sea; actually after suffering many hardships a butterfly can fly over the vast sea, but finds out that the vast sea has never waited for its arrival. I am just like a butterfly who has suffered many hardships. Whereas Jiang Sheng, you are just like the vast sea who has never waited for a butterfly.”


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