Life In April 四月间事 by 尾鱼 Wei Yu (HE)

Wei Lai, a top tier personal bodyguard who lived in an unconventional and unrestrained manner, had been hired by a Saudi Arabian shipowner to protect Cen Jin, an infamous journalist well known for her sharp and brash social commentary, in her journey to the territorial waters of Somalia, where she would be responsible for negotiating and procuring the release of a supertanker which had been hijacked by the Somali pirates.

From the vast, icy fields to the wild, endless dessert, from the Red Sea to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the seemingly peaceful journey was, in actuality, fraught with danger. Is Cen Jin truly the highly esteemed volunteer who had been awarded the Presidential Medal for her brave, courageous volunteer work, or is she a hidden accomplice who had assisted the perpetrators during the Karon massacre?

On the evening of the trial, before the gallows, the Boat of Fate finally managed to sail through the storm, and moor in gentle, shallow waters.



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