Listen To My Heart 听心 – 瞬间倾城 Shun Jian Qing Cheng (HE)


Someone told me that a marriage that is exchanged for money is risky.

I smiled, not wanting to give any comment.

Someone warned me that you lose your dignity for this kind of marriage.

I smiled, because I can’t be bothered.

Someone wished me all the best, saying that there will still be true love in my marriage.

I smiled, turned my back and walked away.

This is a marriage that is like a transaction. We are just making use of one another to get the most out of this marriage even though I have only met him once.

I want to write this story down, to use words to remind myself that no matter whether this is wrong or right, this is my decision. I have to persist and move on.

Perhaps, what I have been waiting for or what has been waiting for me, will come in the end.

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  1. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries September 19, 2014 at 10:46 am |

    Hi cloudandsea , I read this one year later and would like to share my thoughts with you. She is not that willing cause she cries during their first time. As an elder sister, she has a very strong sense of responsibility. She feels indebted to TY as she already used their money for her brother operation. Her brother heart condition is not stable and could need further treatment. She also needed the money to continue both their studies…so she need to keep this ‘job’ no matter what they need her to do. She was very septical on how a child would complicate their eventual parting. What I don’t get it was how easily they stop the sales of shares from his uncle and how Tang Yuan’s mum just willingly take the fall in the end as long as her son get all the uncle shares.. She was so cold and cruel to TangYuan throughout the novel. What kind of mother will harm her child just to get full control of the company. I was also bother that technically MoMo identity at the Ling’s household should be Meng Ting Ting (her biological mum did marries a Mu but she take the surname of her mum) and amount of shares she and her baby will get. But I like the way the writer tells her story…full of suspense and surprises. Plus for the first time, our heroine show why she is fit to pursue her Master..She is smart and piece many things together on her own. I am very touch by the relationship between MoMo and her brother…although they are not related by blood, they are closer than blood siblings…In many novels, the OTP is very opposite in character..but here the reason why TY fall for MoMo was because she is quiet and fit perfectly into his quiet world….Nice read…

  2. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries September 19, 2014 at 1:38 pm |

    Hi the brother I refer to is Ning Ye Ye…the plot involved children being brought up by a different set of parents…Ning mo mo is also know as Ling Ting Ting in the Ling’s household.. Spoiler : both Ning Ye Ye and Meng Yu Mu are her brothers
    @cloudandsea, fully agree with you..that’s why I find her final redemption out of character…Ling Tang Yuan is a very awkward person but if we “listen” to his encrypted message, he is such a sweet and caring man. His childhood is just so sad. His father doesn’t love him, his mum use him as a tool and that stupid Fang Ting betray him…The title is so right..Listen to my heart….Both our OTP did just that..

  3. Peanuts
    Peanuts September 23, 2014 at 11:24 am |

    I’ve been busy reading lately thanks to snow & cloud:P I finished this book in 2 days, my whole weekend 🙁 It is such an addictive book, so stay away from it if you treasure your health, lol. The mystery is suspenseful but too complicated. The inter-relationships are way too makjang or gouxue (dog blood) which should be toned down. More focus on the OTP’s relationship will make the book even better as I like them and want to read more on the development of their r/s. Anyway, this is one of the best gouxue’s novel I’ve ever read (mind u I dun read that many:P). Also, it is not draggy and the OTP’s r/s is kind of diff fr the norm due to the male lead’s deafness. I’ve never read any disability book b4 so it feels fresh. The author’s writing skill is pretty good, not monotonous or boring.

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