Little Doctor 小大夫 by 王小枪 Wang Xiaoqiang

Guo Jing fell for Huang Rong from the moment he first laid eyes on her. However, he meets his biggest nemesis in life as his boss will never allow her younger sister to marry such a poor and unambitious doctor.

Guo Jing is an obstetrician who likes to apply research, analysis and deductive reasoning towards his clinical work at the frontlines. To others, what he does is an unnecessary waste of time. Furthermore, his boss disregards him for not ‘doing his job properly’ and cannot tolerate the fact that he has the nerve to pursue Huang Rong, the youngest and most beautiful department head at this hospital.

Guo Jing’s immediate boss Huang Caiyun is Huang Rong’s older sister. She can never allow her sister to end up with him so she purposely makes things difficult for Guo Jing. Being the meticulous doctor that he is, Guo Jing notices that Huang Rong is having a difficult time and eventually walks into her heart.




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