Love After Marriage / Marry to Find Love (Married First, Then Fall In Love) 先婚后爱: 老公很凶猛 by 冬眠 Dong Mian

  • She thought he would be a wolf in an icy president’s clothing, it turned out that he is just a man who is fond of role play?!
  • ‘A classic comic about love after marriage, let’s see who will do more and take action earlier in this marriage, and whether their love is firmer than we imagine.

Having been married for three years, she didn’t know who her husband was. An accidental blind date brought more troubles than she had imagined… The man became her boss the next day, and he seemed to be interested in her and wouldn’t let her go!

(Credit: Webcomics)

[Ebook][Manhua][Manhua in Eng][Tiên Hôn Đoạt Ái][Donghua][Drama Season  1 & 2]


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