Love in Flames of War 倾城之恋 (良辰好景知几何) by 灵希 Ling Xi (OE)

At the age of 15, Lin Hangjing left her father to go north, and seek refuge with his father’s good friend Warlord Xiao, where she met Xiao Beichen for the first time. This trip was the disaster of her life. She hated him;

At the age of 19, it was Xiao Beichen who shot and killed her first love, Mu Zizheng, imprisoned her, and even forcibly took her;

Two years later, when she met Xiao Beichen again, she was already his benefactor’s wife. However, he would rather be treacherous and use all means to force her to return to him.

His deception, his cruelty, his madness, his paranoia ……



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  1. VicoSDL
    VicoSDL January 22, 2020 at 12:26 pm |

    Hi, Peanuts, do you know if 良辰好景知几何 is a happy or a bad ending ? Thanks in advance for your answer !

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