Love You Then/ Back Then I Adored You/ The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love/ Mr Right in Neighborhood/ The Dream Guy of My Past/ Ge Qiang You Nan Sheng: Qiang Xing Xiang Ai 100 Tian 那时喜欢你/ 隔墙有男神:强行相爱100天 by Ye Fei Ye

One day, she slept with him accidentally. Two month later, she found herself pregnant, so they got married with baby.

“Mr. Gu, I like the dishes of this restaurant.” Then the chef of that restaurant was hired as theirs.

“Mr. Gu, I like the bags of that brand.” Then the designer of that brand was employed exclusively for her.

She thought of herself as a stranger to him after marriage as she had always been, but in fact he doted on her totally beyond her imagination.

He would satisfy all her demands, except letting her find a job.

She kind of got anxiously bored at home, so she sneaked out to find herself a job. However, whichever company she was hired by would go bankrupt somehow or other.

Finally, she got to know it had been always him who had done mischief surreptitiously. She went to question him angrily, but he gave her a job with a smirky smile. The next day when she went to take the office with delight, she found her employee ID card on the desk said ‘Name: Qin Zhi’ai, Position: Wife of Gu Yusheng’.

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[Ebook – 1074 Chapters][Eng Translation One or Two][Manhua in Eng One or Two][Manhua]

[Vách tường có nam thần: Cưỡng ép yêu 100 ngày][그에게 닿기 100일 전][Audiobook]


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