Love Yourself (Nice to Meet You) 洁身自爱 (只为遇见你) by 未再 Wei Zai

It tells the love story of Gao Jie an aspiring jewelry designer, and Yu Zhi, the heir to a large jeweler. Gao Jie first meets Yu Zhi when she travels to South America and the two quickly develop romantic feelings for each other. Back in China, Gao Jie’s career comes to a dead end, and Gao Jie eventually enters Yu Zhi’s company Shengfeng in order to continue her dream of becoming an accomplished jewelry designer. Shengfeng used to be a well-known Chinese brand, but its importance on the market is slowly diminishing since Western brands are on the rise. Yu Zhi thus decides to break with old traditions and focuses on creating Western designs in order to save the company. Gao Jie, however, discovers the beauty of traditional Chinese jewelry and becomes determined to create a new style that blends Western and traditional Chinese design. The biggest hindrance to Gao Jie and Yu Zhi’s plans turns out to be a family member, though. Will Gao Jie and Yu Zhi be able to withstand all challenges and successfully revive Shengfeng?

(Credit: Cdramabase)

[Ebook][Drama with Eng Subs][Audiobook][Chỉ vì được gặp em]


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