Medical Examiner Dr Qin 法医秦明 by 秦明 Qin Ming

A challenging plot that pushes your mind to it’s limits. Cases that have never been revealed to the public. Cruel, perverted, horrifying, exciting, real, and shocking!

The 1st book of the series:  “Voice of the Death 尸语者” with a drama adaptation called The Mind Reader in 2022 and a movie adaptation called Whisper of Silent Body in 2019. Uncover the shocking truth behind the case!

Nine bags with corpses inside were thrown from a highway. Inside the cut open bladder, there were traces of small, ice-shaped shards. In those 2,000 cars zooming by, who is the culprit?

​The female body that was tied up in a garbage dump had been completely covered in wax. How will they go about finding her true cause of death?

Halfway through a phone call, there were sounds of a struggle. Did the phantom lurking on the campus really swallow those girls?

Medical Examiner Doctor Qin personally takes up the scalpel, diving into the cases. Reaching a whole new level of shock and suspense!

The barren mountain corpse, murder at the gates, campus forbidden ground, road of spirits, floating on top of the water, flying through the skies… every case will keep you on your toes, unable to sleep!

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In order to investigate the mystery surrounding his mother’s death, forensics graduate student Qin Ming travels alone to his mother’s hometown of Longpan City where he grows and hones his skills through experience.

Qin Ming is a new arrival at Longpan. While he was going around the city, he inadvertently becomes involved in a murder case. During the process of investigating the case, Qin Ming who was not good at communicating with people makes the acquaintance of many forensic doctors and police officers such as An Ran, Lin Tao, and Huan Huan. His assertive methods and keen insights gradually win over everyone’s respect. While working together with his new friends, they inch closer to the truth.


[Ebook 1] [Eng Translation][Drama 读心者 The Mind Reader ][Movie 秦明·生死语者 Whisper of Silent Body]

The 2nd novel is called Silent Evidence (无声的证词) with a drama adaptation of the same name in 2021.

A younger and inexperienced Qin Ming gradually comes out of the shadows of his childhood memories and hones his innate gift to become an exceptional forensic doctor.

Five years later, a case with similarities to the murder that Qin Ming encountered 15 years ago has occured again in Longpan City. Is it an imitation? An accomplice? Or did the police catch the wrong person? Ling Dang entering the scene catches Qin Ming off guard as multiple cases arise. With memories from the past coming back to haunt him, so will the murderer.


[Ebook 2][Drama 无声的证词 Silent Evidence]

The 3rd novel is called The Mystery of Fingers (第十一根手指) with the original drama adaptation Medical Examiner Dr Qin in 2016.

The legal medical expert Qin Ming would have never imagined that he would be a suspect of a serial murder case. A woman’s body was found in a rented apartment. When the police came to the scene, they first sensed a strong smell of blood. The woman may not have died long. Her naked breast was cut half, shocking by the sight. Another half breast had remains of certain trace, which was surprisingly left by Qin Ming. The mysterious chicken feet in underground oil, the girl with strange behavior in the surveillance video and the man with almost missing five sense organs are all very weird. 14 murder cases take place around you and me, each of which can make you sleepless. The 11th finger found in the chunk of dismembered body spells out the darkest desire of human nature.

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[Ebook 3][Drama 法医秦明 Medical Examiner Dr Qin]

Whereas the drama sequel Dr Qin 2: Qing Dao Fu in 2018 is based on the 4th novel called Into the Purge (清道夫).

Working at the front line, the legal medical expert Qin Ming with his team of crime scene investigation encounters various quirky crime scenes. In these 12 strange scenes, they always find tiny traces to reveal the truth. However, a new mysterious killer sneaks into the city and is preying for wanderers and scroungers. There is no evident clue found in this cases but only the bloody signature “Scavenger” left in the scene of slaughter. Will Qin Ming and his team arrest the ghost-like murderer through tiny evidence?

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[Ebook 4][Drama 法医秦明2清道夫 Medical Examiner Dr Qin 2: Qing Dao Fu]

The 5th novel is called The Survivor (幸存者) with a drama adaptation of the same name in 2018.

Da Bao, who is working in the forensic investigation team, is finally going to get married. On the eve of his wedding, his fiancée is murdered and thrown in the wardrobe. Strangely, almost on the same day, in another city nearby, another bride was also killed. The clues on the scenes are scarce and the murderer flees into the huge crowd. The legal medical expert Qin Ming and his team desperately look for any clues while taking care of the wife of Da Bao who is about to die… What are the backgrounds of the two serial killers that commit the crimes almost at the same time? Will Da Bao’s wife be able to survive?

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[Ebook 5][Drama 法医秦明3之幸存者 The Survivor]

The 6th novel is called Secrets in the Dark (偷窥者).

Young women disappeared one by one mysteriously. Who was prying into the lost soul in the dark? Everyone has some unknown secrets, and the distance between light and darkness can be very narrow. This book will help you be personally on the scene of cracking criminal cases and have the perspectives of professional legal medical experts. The legal examiner Qin Ming will lead you to dissect the truth and reveal the truth and lie of humanity. The alone young girls disappeared successively. Did they run away from home, had accident or were they in the hands of wicked people? As the body of a missing woman appeared, the mysterious cause of death set the legal examiner team into confusion. Meanwhile, a mysterious man who lost contact with the outside world became the focus of the legal examiner team.

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[Ebook 6]


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